Summer 2016 Straight Talk Coupon Codes

There has been much talk about the best way to use one of the many coupon codes available for Straight Talk Wireless. We’re here to set the record straight: follow these simple instructions and you too can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars every month.

The Coupons

      Samsung S6 mobile phone
      Code: PROMOS6
      Expires: 12/31/16

Apple iPhone
Expires 12/31/16

Free airtime
Expires 12/31/16

Free SIM card
Expires 12/31/16

Overnight shipping
Expires 12/31/16

How to use the deals

For many years there has been an underground sub-culture community dedicated to saving money by using promotional codes for Straight Talk Wireless. Some of these people are college students, looking to save a buck or two. Others are people who don’t make a lot of money every single month. Either way, we’re here to inform you about the best practices of using one of these coupons.

straight talk deals

One of the biggest and most frequently updated groups is the Zip2Save coupon group. There are tens of thousands of members who regularly write about mobiles and post updates to their Straight Talk promo code page here. They show you how to use the discount codes for Straight Talk in a way that regularly saves money every single month.

One way is to keep an eye out for the monthly airtime deals. This is where the majority of the savings will occur. Straight Talk gives out various deals from time to time on the home page (and “coupons”) page of their website. It’s just a matter of setting a Google alert for everytime those respective pages are updated, then quickly taking advantage of the limited time offers. Some people have even written computer scripts to help them scour the web for the codes.

Another often overlooked way to save money on Straight Talk Wireless is to get a deal on one of the phones that they offer. You can take advantage of the free shipping and free overnight shipping to bring the cost down even further. Free overnight shipping can run upwards of $75 so this is a significant deal in and of itself.

Refurbished phones are another way to save money. Do you really need a smart phone? If not, then there are plenty of “older” phones that are refurbished that you can get for pennies on the dollar. Sometimes they even give the phones away for free. Whichever method you use to save money, be sure that it will add up over time. Don’t go for discounts that are one-time only, as you will be forced to pay full price the next month and the overall savings will be moot.

Remember: it’s only a deal if you can repeatedly get the same discount month after month. This is where all the hard work comes into play when you’re looking for regular discounts to Straight Talk Wireless.